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 It’s a name given to me by my daughters who love the me I become when I let go of my inhibitions. A couple of martinis used to be the only way I could access that me, but now I find her everywhere. 

I began teaching music when my kids were young.  I love passing on my love of music, and I love creating art.   

Being an artist is about witnessing and sharing and that is what I do.  

My time here is about shining a light on all kinds of art.  About making a little art everyday and sharing my projects and process with you.  I hope it inspires you to create and share something you think is beautiful.  A birthday cake, a song, a sweater, a painting, a story, your garden.  We all snap photos through a unique lens. I hope you capture that picture and share it with the world, or even just with the people you love.  

I am Francini, a teacher, a writer, a musician, a knitter, a quilter, a baker, a witness, an artist.  I see color everywhere and people, all people, as artists.


rock wall with a shadow


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rock wall with a shadow